Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the most commonly asked questions into one place. We think we have thorough and useful information here, but if we've missed something and you have a question, please feel free to reach out to us!

We are calling about a personal business matter. If you are on our website, you've realized we are a debt collector. We cannot disclose the nature of our call nor the specifics of the matter to the wrong individual.

Even a first name, last name, address match is not considered verification as there could be a Junior/Senior scenario, or a relative with the same name at a shared address.

Unfortunately, we are required to validate by name plus the last four of the social security number. Our agents will never ask for your full SSN.
We would love to, but if we don't know it's a wrong number, our system will continue dialing it. The two best solutions are, in order, to answer or call us back to advise us that it is a wrong number. The other, as we realize sometimes you might not want to call a debt collection agency back, is to complete a Wrong Number Removal Request on our website by clicking HERE. Please note that the numbers do not purge right away, even if asked for verbally.
Yes. The speed of which you receive the letter will vary based on the means of the payment. For example, a Western Union payment is effectively a Wire transfer and non-revocable. A payment via check must clear before a paid letter is distributed. We are required to mail the letter to the address on file, however, by request, it can be emailed as well.
It is likely a clerical error. We are obligated to distribute a Dunning Notice when accounts enter our office, however we can only send to the address information provided to us. This may or may not be accurate. To correct the address, we need to perform a phone verification to update the file.
Absolutely. Just contact one of our agents by phone to discuss the terms of the arrangement.

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