Commitment to Compliance

Do the Right Thing

We Take Compliance Seriously

Our mission to work in a challenging industry in an ethical manner requires substantial effort. This effort starts at the top of the organization and works it's way through the entire staff.

We owe it to our clients to represent them well, while at the same time, navigate the complex world of third party debt collections and abide by the rules of each state we are licensed in.

Being compliant is easy to say, harder to do. We have a formula for it!

Our Compliance Formula

  • Exhaustive Screening
  • Continuous Education
  • Call Monitoring
  • Cutting Edge Technology
Exhaustive Employee Screening

While it trickles down from management, the real first line of defense of compliance issues are the voices on the phones. We hire the best candidates to join our team and enforce a strict background check as part of that process. We want the best representation for our agency every day and expect them at their best.

  • Eliminate experienced agents with bad habits.
  • Ensure a positive working environment.
  • Our facility is drug and alcohol free.
Continuing Employee Training

The industry is ever-changing, hence, we provide our staff with regular re-training sessions to discuss changes in local laws, best practices, software changes, and much more.

  • Compliance refresher training of best practices.
  • Regular Call Reviews with Compliance Managers.
  • Retraining on local laws and regulations.
  • Updates from Clients on new expectations.
  • Employee Town Hall style training sessions.
Call Monitoring

We have a dedicated compliance team that is focused on ensuring our staff is executing best practices on every call and every interaction with a Client or Customer.

  • Real-Time call monitoring with takeover.
  • Call recording reviews at random.
  • Offline call scenario training.
  • Bonus program for exemplary performance.
Cutting Edge Technology in Use

In today's business world, the best employees expect the best tools of the trade to perform their duties with limited restriction from their equipment throughout their day.

  • New and clean PC's
  • Crystal clear VoIP phone system.
  • Latest version of CMS Tools.
  • Industry leading skip tracing tools.
  • Secured and Monitored offices.
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